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  • OrlandiniSpazio

  • AR / 3D Printing / STEM Edutainment Project Coordinator. NTIC's & Social Entrepreneur. Changemaker

  • I am interested in educational projects with 3d printing, which arduino or plc`s.
  • aisflou

  • 3D Printer, Maker, Tinkerer, eager to know always more.
  • David

  • Physician, recent purchaser of 3D printer for Covid-19 war.
  • santiagomanteca

  • I'm a system administrator converted to electronics, passionate about new technologies and very experienced in 3D printers
  • Javier Isabel

  • I'm a robotic engineer interested on 3D printed legged robots, from quadrupeds to humanoids.
  • ICP

  • Robotic designer. Aircraft Hardware designer. Aircraft integration and test systems engineer. Mechanical design. 3D printer designer