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  • Onion Omega Carputer

  • For specific Open Doors, Close Doors, Starter functions. Put the Bash scripts under /www/cgi-bin/* and call them from any browser with
  • raspilapse

  • Installation in the raspberryYou need to:Create a /home/pi/pics directormkdir -p /home/pi/pics Setup a crontab at boot like@reboot /home/pi/ Installation in VPSYou need to:Create a /var/www/html/webcam foldermkdir -p /var/www/html/webcam/{images,videos}...
  • Hardware Assembly

  • With the given circuit above, you can design your own prototype in accordance to your preference. Here's one example.
  • Add Webhooks as "that"

  • Set up the URL to your IP address and PortChose POST as the methodSet application/x-www-form-urlencoded as the content typeSet up the POST body with the ingredient from the previous step (e.g. status={{TextField}})