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  • Protec 3D Printing

  • Inspired by Dave Pedu's 3D printed Kwikset keys and that the patents for the ABLOY PROTEC keys were set to expire in a couple of weeks, this OpenSCAD model generates keys for the ABLOY PROTEC line of locks. All files and further information are available...

  • I am looking for people who would like to help me expand this project!STM32 Firmware DeveloperSuper Nintendo Firmware DeveloperModelling for 3D PrintingAudio Electronics Stuff
  • DIY Inkjet Printer

  • Latest test of Multi Nozzle Setup Latest test of Single Nozzle Setup This is my attempt to build an open source inkjet printer by myself. I started this project because I wanted to build a binder jetting 3D printer but could not find any open source...
  • DIY Savonious Wind Turbine

  • Academic research has shown that a Savonious windmill design with: 2:1 aspect (height:width); 10% blade overlap; and a stack of 3 sets of half-cylinder blades offset by 120 degrees is within a few percent of the efficiency of more exotic shapes for Savonious...
  • SMD Stickvise

  • Just another instant hack.3D Printing AVR Arduino Art Audio Automation BeagleBone Bluetooth Cameras Clock Drones Environment Hardware IoT LED Medical Music Radio Raspberry Pi Remote Control Robotics Rockets Satellites Science Security Software Virtual...
  • 3D Printing Biocomposites

  • I have created an instructable Here containing step by step instructions, drawings, files and designs. I have also included test data from my composites made using a DIY 3-point bend tester and various failed nozzle prototypes.
  • New feet for an old PC

  • As some printer are better or worse at printing holes, I found that for my printer the sprint should be about 0.85 of the CAD size to be a perfect press-fit that won't escape. Printed on a M3D micro with Onyx Black 3D ink from M3D (PLA)
  • Mica Sunglasses

  • As of 08/1/19 A Grasshopper definition has been built which generates frames for metal 3D printing, lasercut files and easy customization. This is a Wallfacer Design project. Thank-you: Electron Microscopy Sciences of Hatfield PA, ......