12 Results for "3D printing"

  • brian.ipsen

  • 3D printing nerd, working in the IT industry - and have a background as an electronics engineer
  • megsdal

  • Electrical Engineer from Denmark - Passion in 3D printing, Drones, PCBs and all things that have electricty inside it
  • lioneljouvet

  • biologist butterflying between electronics, 3D printing, blacksmith, woodwork, data sciences, sewing, and curious to learn more.

  • User and design of 3D printer objects and electronics.
  • Buller123

  • I am chemical engineer turned created using a 3d printer chemical knowledge and low level programming to create.
  • Rasmus Hauschild

  • Hi, my name is Rasmus Hauschild (Danish). I'm 14 years old, and I love to Make! I code, design, 3d print and solder.