13 Results for "3D printing"

  • Biffer Rowley

  • Principal Creative Technologist & Board Member of AMV BBDO. Inventor, electronics, programming, product design, 3d printing expert.
  • toxi

  • computational designer/artist, generative design, installations, 3d printing, instruments, opensource
  • Ben Withers

  • Electronic and Information Engineer Lab Manager at Imperial College Robotics Society 3D printing enthusiast
  • Douglas Brion

  • PhD student at the University of Cambridge, researching 3D printing. Computer engineering graduate from Imperial College London.
  • senake

  • Electromechancial product, systems and open business model innovator. Author of Compopoly. Focus on 3D printing and green tech.
  • Senake@BuzzTech

  • The inventor of the (1) 3D printer capable of producing fully functional, assembled products (2) next gen packaging
  • martinrudavsky

  • I`m 44 old male Electrician living in London(Brixton). Interested in electricity, computers(HW/SW), robots, 3d Blender/cgi.