18 Results for "3D printing"

  • toxi

  • computational designer/artist, generative design, installations, 3d printing, instruments, opensource
  • Mastod0n

  • 3D printing, automation, IoT, CAD & robotics hobbyist. Member of Maker Space Schaffenburg
  • blue cream

  • Engaged in the development of 3D printing equipment motion control and motherboard hardware.
  • Victor Fernandez

  • I like everything. I am learning to weld (TIG), and want to start getting into 3d printing, and cnc machining. I am from h3 labs
  • rd_redford

  • Retired from a career in the computer and networking industries. Half my career was in engineering, the other half in marketing.
  • Del

  • I occasionally do stuff, Usually with Arduino/ARM getting into FreeRTOS. I have a 3D printer and like to design stuff.
  • hbwh19

  • Likes to do CAD stuff and make them with my 3D printer together with electronics.