32 Results for "3D printing"

  • Tony Janus

  • 3D Printer, Electrical Engineer, Embedded Systems Designer, Photographer, 3D Modeler, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Maker
  • Suatbatu

  • Maker and Thinkerer 3D printer owner Just a bit crazy evil genious Likes to cut, shoot and explode things
  • Eric Wiiliam

  • Maker, tinkerer, hobbyist. I make YouTube videos for all things 3D printer, Tech, Arduino, DIY and more. @MKmeOrg
  • Rasmus Hauschild

  • Hi, my name is Rasmus Hauschild (Danish). I'm 14 years old, and I love to Make! I code, design, 3d print and solder.
  • D.77

  • I'm a radioamateur, a maker who creates an industrial CAD designer with a 3D printer, I love technology and experiment
  • Henry Chau

  • Interested in Mechatronic, Electronic Engineering & 3D CAD/CAM Designs. Graduated from TARUC KL, Owner of Einstronic Enterprise.
  • alanmoody44

  • I am a 9th grade student. I am part of FTC and FRC robotics. In my free time I like to 3d print and make stuff.