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  • Google Summer of Code and

  • Foundation has 7 students participating in Google Summer of Code 2016:Exposing the PRU as an I2C and SPI master ControllerGain extra serial interfaces without wasting valuable CPU cycles in bitabanging. Student: Vaibhav Choudhary Mentors:...
  • Jason Kridner

  • community guy and open source evangelist at TI
  • PocketBeagle

  • Today released the new PocketBeagle. design follows the form factor of the PocketBone and adds even more features.The Eagle and KiCAD design files are out on Github:
  • Vedant Paranjape

  • Interested in Mathematics, Robotics and Embedded systems. Aspiring C++ developer GSoC 2020 with
  • shopping in Murica

  • I've bought a "target-only" plushy Porg with sound and also got one of the new - at the Maker Faire New York. So I got the brains and maybe the skin and voice :)