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Project by CodeMonkey

NodeMCU Voltage Regulator Fix

Fried my NodeMCU's 3.3v regulator by mistake, then fixed it quite simply
Project by sighmon

Knog Blinder bike light fix

A fix for Knog Blinder bike lights when the silicon strap breaks
Project by Scott S

Toyota MR2 Turbo Engine Repair

I blew up my engine, and am going to remove it, take it apart and fix it. Not really a hack, but it is taking things apart and fixing them.
Project by rawe

Tomtom GO730 GPS display backlight repair

Ever ended up in a herd of scared cows after driving down a steep bumpy trail by following tomtom directions? I did.
Project by frank.beissel


Educate Innovate Explore
Project by Rebelj12a

Canon FD to EF Mount

Why doesnt this exist cheaply? Making a Canon FD to EF mount, both for familiarization and necessity.
Project by ThunderSqueak

LabSeries L7 Guitar Amplifier RFI Fix

I picked up a 1977 LabSeries Guitar amp and it picked up radio stations as if it were designed for it. This is how I fixed it.
Project by Films4You

Shower curtain fastenings coming loose. A Hack fix

Quite often the track hooks would come out of the shower curtain track ... This can happen often and be a nuisance. This can
Project by alienamarion90

Handy Ways to Fix Bluetooth Error on MacBook Pro

Bluetooth is one of the important features which help users to connect with each other. It also helps you to transfer a lot of photos, files
Project by printershelpdesk50

How to Reset Printer in OS X System to Fix Printer

Printer problems are disgracefully frustrating for any user, and Macs get off easier than the other devices out there
Project by syntroniks

ZX7r Ignition connector fix

The '96-'03 ZX7r has a few poor designs, ranging from headlights to the electrical harness and routing. We aim to fix what we can.


Think outside the box, why be contained by 6 walls?
Hacker in Dublin, CA

Dan Fruzzetti

Highly experienced hacker / fixer / maker / project manager with formal education in mathematics, music, and computer science
Project by deeproot2k

fix wet iPhone with teensyLC

I just received my free teensyLC from hackaday and already saved my wife's iPhone
Project by DERP

Open Source - Automatic Flush Toilet FIX Library

Online design library to develop and share DIY fixes to pervasive, stupid autoflush toilets to reduce waste of water and energy.
Project by alienamarion90

Fix Ethernet Drivers Problems after a Mac Security

An Ethernet port is a socket on a computer system that permits the utilization of an Ethernet connector.
Project by morganrallen

Why old Garmins Break and How to Fix Them

Older Garmin Edge cycling computers all seemed to fail a number of years in. There was a pretty bad flaw in the hardware. It can be fixed.
Project by Andrew Tynan

iFixEveryDay Website/Forum

A website to celebrate all those who like to fix! A site for logging your fixes, and a forum to share everything fix-related!
Project by Rainingheavy

Gameboy Advance SP in DMG case

Yet another Gameboy Advance SP crammed into the original Gameboy (DMG) case.
Project by paul

You build it you keep it

he idea is to have people fix donated broken tech.
Project by greg_duck

Honda Sky Restoration

Restoration of a 15yr old Honda Sky. Sat in a garage for 5+ years. Lots of TLC and some welding to be done :)
Project by DeepSOIC


What if you could slip a dremel into your pocket?
Project by wonsnot

Fixing an Ion Tailgater

Ion Tailgater Fails to hold charge
Project by Karl Bielefeldt

Organ Midification

Make my falling-apart cheap Hammond spinet organ sound like an expensive pipe organ.
Project by rr1993

Chip8 Emulator

A simple chip8 simulator i made as a side project
Project by Radomir Dopieralski

Motor Shield Reprogramming

Create and flash new firmware for the WeMos D1 Mini Motor Shield.
Project by Aleks Clark

Automated Component Recovery

Use OpenCV & Reverse Pick-N-Place to Identify, sort, and test components harvested from e-waste
Project by Shivam Mehta

The Ultimate 3D Printer

Here I update you how I am upgrading and making my Printrbot Simple Metal better and easier to use
Project by Shiny

Whare Hauora Measuring New Zealand's homes

Simple, low cost environmental sensors, to measure the dampest NZ houses.
Project by askoog89

A Watch

PCB LED Tilt activated watch
Project by oneohm

Toenail Springs

Ingrown toenails are no fun
Project by crenn6977

Solar powered Christmas Light Controller

A solar powered Christmas light controller with wireless capabilities to replace multiple little solar controllers
Project by Horst Borst


Unbricking and Fixing the IREXes DR1000S Ebook Reader. And on the way maybe learn more about this extinct Freak of Nature kinda Ebook.
Project by davedarko

flexible pcbs

Playing around with capton tape and copper
Project by jlbrian7

HACKaDaY Super Conference Ticket

I don't need the ticket I bought for the Hackaday Super Conference, so someone else can have it.
Project by Steve Smith


An educational Arduinoâ„¢ clone.
Project by electrobob


A project out of frustration. Automatic reset for misbehaving hardware.
Project by James Thomas

Solar Powered, Remote Controlled, Smart Garden

Fresh, organic food is important! Grow your own in unused space and take care of it remotely. Plants and smarts are powered by the sun!
Project by agp.cooper

My Wall Mounted Sundial

A DeltaCad Macro for Sundials
Project by dbtayl

Pokey Watch

A chromatic tuner for musical instruments in a pocket-watch form factor. Perfect for the classy musician.
Project by Alex Cordonnier

Restoring a 1950s Schoolroom Speaker

My effort to bring a piece of history into the 21st century
Project by matteo

Reviving Old Nikon D1 DSLR With Li-Po Battery

D1 users knows that old EN-4 (Ni-Cd) batteries are worth and offers only few shots.
Project by Joel Abrahamsson

Digital Clock Revamp

A revamp of a digital clock which has a nice display but a hopeless clock.
Project by hackaday

68040 upgrade for Powerbook 520c

Unsoldering and resoldering a 180-pin QFP! Thrills! Excitement! A full 68040 in a Powerbook 520c!
Project by flashcactus


A personal tactile interrupt generator for people with AD[H]D (and maybe others as well).
Project by Ted Russ


Turning A Cheap Dehydrator Into A Much Better One
Project by Drew Ninde

Simple RFID Lock

A simple arduino powered RFID door lock
Project by typo

Rollator lift for small car

Lift is mounted on right door, front-seat passenger place is used for rollator, seat removed.

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