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  • tangliufeng

  • arduino,microbit,bluebit,python,micropython,maker,@laplus-cn
  • ElephantJay

  • An global online store which supplies arduino, raspberry, microbit robot, learn more!
  • Micro:bot

  • I received a micro:bit board for testing for a week, killed it the next day (, received another one and build some robots with it (
  • Functional block diagram

  • A block diagram of the system setup is shown below. The base.exe program runs on the communication device and monitors the USB port that the receiver microbit is connected to. When a trigger is received from the receiver microbit, a software keystroke...
  • Ramon Moorlag

  • Teacher CS @Piersoncollege Chair Dutch CS teacher association Things that make me happy include; Microbit, kittens, GitHub and @3PMAP