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Project by Jim Patchell

Music Stuio Player

A simple demo for writing a Windows App.
Project by richard

Digital Wind Up Music Box

A digital wind up music box that sounds and work like a traditional wind up music box
Project by Key

GroovePi - Music Production Box

GroovePi is my attempt to design and build a Raspberry Pi 3 based music production sampler/sequencer.
Project by Elton V

Transmit music using light

Here we convert music to varying light intensity and then transmit it wirelessly using an LED
Project by Adam Oakley

Portable Music Amplifier

A powerful portable amplified speaker with built in rechargeable battery.
Project by gianlucag

Music LEDCUBE 3x3x3

A classic 3x3x3 LED cube powered by a PIC 16F84A with built-in MUSIC BEAT DETECTION!
Project by Anil Pattni

Pulse Music Player

Hack uses the Pulse sensor to detect heartbeat in BPM transmit via BTLE to Android app and uses Spotify API to suggest music based on mood.
Project by M@lte

Multiroom Music Streaming

I am using Raspberry PIs and Pulseaudio for synchronous music streaming in my appartment.
Project by Michael Milstead

Music Storing Speaker - All-in-one music device

A speaker with internal storage for ease of use and portability.
Project by

Bylink Music Tube

Music from Youtube by Webview
Project by Morning.Star

Old School Music Video

An entire music video from the command line, using just AIMos to film the action and system tools to edit it.
Project by Praxis Guitars

Flexible FPGA Music System

A flexible system for extending the functionality and capacity for musical instruments using Programmable Logic Devices.
Project by Tim Trzepacz

NanoEgg Music Synthesizer

A powerful little music synthesizer with a classic look!
Project by Films4You

Smart Controller LCD 12864 making music.

Using the beeper to play music, well almost music more of a tune really.
Project by rosswesleyporter

Dementia-friendly music player

Love child of MP3 & 1940s radio UI. For seniors with dementia that can no longer use CDs & iPods. Good project for kids.
Project by Jeremy Weatherford

Stepper Music Box

Dual stepper motors plus two servo-driven percussion instruments, in a tidy project box.
Project by h3liosphan

Music CD Ripper Robot

A CD Robot and PC combined, plus some custom software to capture my 25+ year CD Audio collection to the digital era.
Project by Lloyd3000

Ultrasonic Music Control

A small, driverless device that allows you to control your music with the wave of a hand.
Project by laurens.weyn

Autogenerated light shows from music

Everyone knows music is fun to listen to. Why don't we make it fun to watch as well?
Project by NaranInc

IoT Smart Lobby - Welcoming Music System

Turn your old speakers into smart speakers with Prota OS on Raspberry Pi and a simple PIR motion sensor!
Project by joaquin.aldunate

A modular sequencer for electronic music

A sequencer that offers the possibility to be connected modularly and musical operators to build up more complex live electronic music.
Project by Bruce Land

FM-synth, two voice, Markov, music box

A Markov sequencer, with fractal 1/f transition probabilities, is combined with a two-voice, 16-bit FM synthesizer, running on a 8-bit MCU.
Project by Steven Hickson

EEG-Controlled Music with the RPi

Using an EEG sensor and pianobar, I control Pandora with my brainwaves. Whenever a bad song comes on, the script skips to the next song.
Project by nburdick

Music notation toy & melody player

Toy that plays 8 note sequence input by user. Also plays stored melodies.
Project by

Streaming Music With Airplay Using Onion Omega

In this tutorial, we will go through how to make Omega as a airplay music player.
Project by Andre van Kammen

Logitech Z-680 music streamer

remote controlled Logitech Z-680 music player, with integrated Raspberry PI zero W and a pHAT DAC. GPIO is driving volume and standby.
Project by Ares

PATA(IDE) Hard Disk MP3 Music Player

PATA(IDE) Hard Disk MP3 Music Player Source Code
Project by Mahmoud Tolba

How To Create An Interactive Music Player For Even

How To Create An Interactive Music Player For Events using Arduino, 1Sheeld and Ultrasonic sensors
Project by Louis Beaudoin

SmartMatrix - LED Art Display and Music Visualizer

SmartMatrix is a beautiful music visualizer, dynamic art display, video game art display, and more!
Project by mattko

LED strip flashing to music

Simple circuit for light show
Project by Tyler Anderson

Playing Music with a 3D Printer

A rendition of Still Alive (Portal) on a magnificent 3 channel polyphonic stepper motor orchestra
Project by mpinner

reactive led gems : make the music pop

show control from an led instrument. bring the audience into the performance experience. play highly reactive and mode setting patterns
Project by Thomas Clauser

LighTouch - Control music with the wave of a hand

A touch-less, streaming radio/alarm clock
Project by Antony Ashton

Radial Music Watch

A music watch that can play MP3s and FLACs to IEM's.
Project by David Weaver

Music Of The Spheres

A synesthesic homebrew space-telescope.
Project by Fabien-Chouteau

Harmonica music machine

byproduct of my Hackaday Prize entry
Project by Craig Hissett

Car Music Streamer

Bringing Bluetooth/wifi streaming and USB/SD Card music to my auld Fiat Punto via the head unit's CD Changer port
Project by evac

Swipe Card Music Player

I've modified a card reader to play a tune.
Project by shlonkin

Classroom music teaching aid

An interactive device for helping a kindergarten class learn to play harmonica.
Project by XBrav

Ambuino: An AVR Music Party

A low cost in-line board to create reactive lighting responding to audio signals.
Project by rawe

windspiel: wind chimes music box

windspiel [ger.] = wind chimes; spiel [ger.] = play.... play... to play a record?
Project by amandaghassaei

Sugarcube - a tactile music controller

The Sugarcube is a portable controller powered by Arduino that allows you to interact with MIDI and audio in playful and intuitive ways.
Project by ilya7456

LED Cube Music Visualizer (using FPGA)

Just looking for an excuse to learn DSP on FPGA. Audio codec is going to provide the digital inputs, FPGA will run FFT and drive LEDs.
Project by phil furneaux

Sax music visualiser using a raspberry pi

I am investigating how to use a raspberry pi to visualise my sax music by playing into a mic connected to a USB sound card on the pi.
Project by brian


Easy to use music and video player
Project by Wancheng Zhou

Let Mandelbrot Set "Dance" with Music

This project aims to design an efficient hardware Mandelbrot Set calculation engine, and dynamically render it based on FFT audio analysis.
Project by MaxBlack

DIY LED Audio Spectrum Analyzer using WS2812B

LED Music Spectrum generates the beautiful lighting pattern according to the intensity of music.
Project by bram


Raspberry Pi zero portable music player
Project by Daniel Rojas

Pixel in my Closet

Music + Arduino + IKEA

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