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  • Soft Robotic Prosthetics

  • going to make some in time.Ideas I am kicking around: Hydraulic/Pneumatic actuated and made of Self-healing materialMatthew Borgatti has done amazing work setting up a good place to start, also tentacles.
  • Memory Hole

  • just notes and links for projects i find useful for what I am working on or planning.Vision Project#Ultrasonic range finder for the visually impaired#Slow sound radar#Build Your Own Ultrasonic Rangefinder#Simple, low-cost FMCW radar#Pathfinder - Haptic...
  • Tools, Toys and Treasures

  • Objects have feelings. They are not the feelings of those objects, of course, they are our own feelings that we associate with the objects. Generally speaking, nice objects evoke positive feelings, and ugly or scary objects — negative. Of course it's...