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  • Musical Prosthetics- Build Your Own

  • There are limitless possibilities for creating your own musical prosthetics. Choose an emotion you want to exaggerate. Envision how that would look on the human body. Explore sensors and software that would best amplify that emotion with sound. My process...
  • Form-fitting.

  • Not everyone's arm is the same and so for that very reason we may need to adjust the form of the prosthetic to fit it perfectly. 

  • We need 5 volts to trigger the relay switch VMA406 and the IR sensor QRE1113 (digital version). Placing the IR sensor on the prosthetic arm where the impact of the muscle movement is maximum, the output of the IR sensor (when the muscle is flexed the...

  • Now the gun will fire once it gets power supply, so the switch here is to connect/disconnect the power supply to the Nerf gun from the batteries inside the prosthetic socket