• CAD Software in Art and various Industries by Sherelle Rippy

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    March 3, 2019

    CAD Software in  Art and various Industries   by Sherelle Rippy

    When I first learned to type I can't say I was willing to put much effort in learning because I was mentally think of art  projects I'd rather create. Other than High School, the only training I received associated with Art in various  industries was at Lincoln Technical Institute in Indianapolis, IN years prior to or moving to Atlanta, GA in 2005.  Where I earned an Associated of Applied Science Degree in Mechanical Drafting & CAD in 1992.   In addition, to AutoCAD I've used as well reviewed other CAD software throughout the years. For example Blender, OpenSCAD, FreeCAD, Programming with Robots as well Algoid for example. 

    I've used software prigram games that allows one to create pottery and decorate them, but it isn't a CAD program like those I've stated.  Nor is it like DesignSpark Mechanical I used to create numerous project's in 2018.  Furthermore, I've reviewed various PCB, Microchip and Schematic's design  and game software as well.