André Kapitein

hw guy, thrives in complexity but also cherishes the simple things

Haarlem, Netherlands
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This user joined on 07/23/2016.

Things I've Built

Movement sensor

Very simple and affordable movement sensor, works for years on a battery, sends signal using wifi, next one will log movement and will have patern recognition built in.

Multi sensor device incl 868

This device has all the connectings you want/need, equiped with 868 but can easily be converted to 433, ble, gprs, wifi

BLE tracker

small and simple ble tracking device, works for 18monts on a small battery, some people used it as an ibeacon or connected some sensors to it and started their own project

The board that rules them all

Arduino compatible board with 7 sensors, used to do a lot of PoC's, also used for some school projects


A medical device that you can put on your cheek and it detects facial muscles contraction and teeth grinding

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