Sridhar Rajagopal

Entrepreneur. Software Engineer. Maker. Tinkerer. Internet-of-things addict.

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Things I've Built

BuffI the Ampere Slayer - Smart Outlet

"BuffI the ampere slayer" is a smart outlet project that I developed for Power Integrations, with remote actuation, USB port, low no-load consumption, and metering data, showing various energy consumption parameters on the app.

ProtoStax Stackable and Modular Enclosures

ProtoStax enclosures are modular and stackable, allowing you to create endless combinations and configurations that evolve as your prototype evolves.

Dr. Wattson Energy Monitoring Board

Dr. Wattson is an Energy Monitoring Breakout Board from Upbeat Labs, based on Microchip MCP39F521, and coupled with Arduino and Python library for easy integration of energy monitoring into your next project.

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