Steve Smith

I find it really difficult to summarise myself. Perhaps I should find a willing friend to do that for me.

East Sussex, United Kingdom
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Things I've Built

Universal 78(X)XX Regulator v1.0

A small PCB to accommodate various types of 78XX and 78LXX regulators to make a fixed voltage regulator.

minDUINO v1.4

An educational Arduino clone with on board ICSP and FTDI headers, 5v regulator and GPIO breakout.

VAYU-NTX Daughter Boards

Two boards configured for expansion of the VAYU-NTX HAB Tracker.

VAYU-NTX 1.04 HAB Tracker

A more compact design for a HAB Tracker than VAYU utilising an all-in-one NTX transmitter module.

VAYU v1 HAB Tracker

A small tracker PCB to send up on High Altitude Balloons. Based upon a design by Chris Stubbs M6EDF.

Universal AVR Programming Shield

I wanted a way of using the ICSP connections on a standard Arduino board to program other AVR chips. I figured it would be made easy if all the connections could be connected with moveable jumper cables.

AVR Transistor Tester

A very useful bit of kit to have in the workshop. I have since the prototype in the pic, designed, etched and built a permanent version.

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Radu Motisan wrote 05/04/2015 at 13:24 point

Thank you Steve! There's a new project for this year's HAD Prize as well, see . If you like it, please vote using the skull button. This helps!

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Steve Smith wrote 08/23/2015 at 08:03 point

Hi, I skulled it a while ago - Good Luck!

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