• My projects - November 2018

    11/10/2018 at 07:29 0 comments

    I am going to try to get my current projects to a completed state with updated build instructions and supporting files, by the end of the year - real world responsibilities permitting.  

    I do get asked for things like my modified source code for things like my CP/M computer, I usually discourage it because I am constantly changing things.  But I think it's only fair I share build instructions and any needed files so others can replicate what I've done as the basis for their own projects.

    • My Arduino Due CP/M PC build instructions will be re-written, and the project marked as completed.  Appropriate files will be made available, there will be a system that people can replicate and modify for their own needs.  My own work will continue, I will be looking to making changes and improvements, this may result in an update in the future or additional projects.

    • My PH-16 CPU will be completed as a CPU in Logisim and supporting files will be shared.  I will continue to work on a CPU emulator in Python and look at creating a hardware implementation, those will be shared in time, as additional projects.

    Finally, thanks to everyone who has helped me with my projects, offering suggestions and teaching me new things.

  • 8bit CPU Project Scrapped

    04/08/2018 at 01:35 8 comments

    My 8bit CPU project has been scrapped.

    I learned a lot from the process but there are flaws that can't be fixed without a complete redesign and I've gone through seven major revisions already.  So I'm doing back to the drawing board and will have a rethink.