• Projects Update - January 2019

    01/18/2019 at 21:12 0 comments

    Just a quick note about my projects, the CP/M computer and CPU projects have had initial objectives that I changed over time as I get brainwaves and mad ideas.  But that means they are always changing.

    I want to get things into a state where someone can come along, replicate what I've done for their own projects.  Meanwhile I can indulge my brainwaves and ideas through additional projects.

    So for the CP/M computer, I'm going to re-write all the instructions etc. so people can follow them and build their own.  I will also explain any changes to the standard RunCPM distribution by Marcelo Dantas I made, so people can do the same if they wish.  It will be finalised as a pure CP/M computer.

    As for expanding it to use a fork of Tiny BASIC etc. that is VERY experimental, so that will be separated into another, but related, project.

    My CPU project will be finalised as a 16-bit CPU in Logisim, so people can experiment with that.

    Further objectives I had, like creating a VM/Emulator and hardware implementation will be separated into other related projects.

    Thanks to everyone who has shown interest and support, and to those from whom I've learned so much.

  • 8bit CPU Project Scrapped

    04/08/2018 at 01:35 8 comments

    My 8bit CPU project has been scrapped.

    I learned a lot from the process but there are flaws that can't be fixed without a complete redesign and I've gone through seven major revisions already.  So I'm doing back to the drawing board and will have a rethink.