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Things I've Built

R/C A-10 Warthog

Scaled to the 65mm ducted fans my Friend Hong Tao and I, along with a home made wire foam cutter, sanded/shaved our way to a scale A-10. Our inexperience with fiberglass layup led to it being too heavy to ever fly, but lesson(s) learned.

CWRU Rocket Team BOTR Planetary Rover Event

A robot that will autonomously drop markers and drive two 10 foot segments with a 90 degree turn between them, after being released from a rocket at 1000ft.

CWRU Lunabotics Year 2

A (though very close to autonomous) manually controlled space capable mining robot that competed in NASA's 2014 Robotic Mining Competition. It was created by 20 Case Western Reserve undergraduate students.

CWRU Lunabotics Team Year 1

An manually controlled robot with a giant digging arm that competed in NASA's 2013 Lunabotics competition.

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