• Enso

    02/09/2022 at 04:17 0 comments

    This is a short video I just recorded today, 2 08 2022.
    The Enso has a rich history, and I will let you explore that using the internet or books or dialogues with others. It is attributed to Zen, maybe Japanese and Chinese legacy, however this may go back as far a humankind to me, from the first individual drawing a circle in a cave, profound and one can take a life time to perfect by hand and brush. This is a fun exercise even for younger members of your tribes.  Please enjoy. Click the gold text below.

    Enso - a digital way to make Enso using Affinity Designer I discovered.

  • Doz resurrected from the self imposed hibernation sleep.

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    Hello, Hello, Hello.  I have been away, yes indeed.  These New Age challenges stir the minds of artists everywhere. New digital art and new writings were initiated. I have been studying and creating too many artworks to count as I study Affinity Designer.  Also I am in desperate need of a professional editor to edit my first science fiction novel. It is in manuscript for, 12 pt. Times Roman, double spaced with glossary and index and in electronic file.  I personally edited 5 times myself, but I am an artist - so a real sharp editor needs to go through it.  I offer to share any profits of a book, movie, TV series, franchise or any other fortunate break of the future.  For now I have no funds to pay, but would seriously and gladly agree to a future arrangement. It is a sci-fi original adventure and a perspective over time quite unfamiliar today.  Now here are some fun images.  I begged for an editor, now back to art.  Many a new journey in the primordial soup about to boil up and begin. Much of my time has been spent in helping family and self education and learning.  I may have studied and read half the relevant internet, sheesh. I have been studying camping, exercising and all the good habits of self imposed exile in plain sight, he he he.  I start the engines of my shuttlecraft and set sights on the stars. Here are 6 images for you pleasure and amusement.  Viva creative life !!!

  • Ten Minute Leopard Eyes doodle, for fun as an artist.

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    This is one of a hundred daily sketches videos on my Artstation https://www.artstation.com/artist/wildeyedartist