• Doz resurrected from the self imposed hibernation sleep.

    01/06/2021 at 18:17 0 comments

    Hello, Hello, Hello.  I have been away, yes indeed.  These New Age challenges stir the minds of artists everywhere. New digital art and new writings were initiated. I have been studying and creating too many artworks to count as I study Affinity Designer.  Also I am in desperate need of a professional editor to edit my first science fiction novel. It is in manuscript for, 12 pt. Times Roman, double spaced with glossary and index and in electronic file.  I personally edited 5 times myself, but I am an artist - so a real sharp editor needs to go through it.  I offer to share any profits of a book, movie, TV series, franchise or any other fortunate break of the future.  For now I have no funds to pay, but would seriously and gladly agree to a future arrangement. It is a sci-fi original adventure and a perspective over time quite unfamiliar today.  Now here are some fun images.  I begged for an editor, now back to art.  Many a new journey in the primordial soup about to boil up and begin. Much of my time has been spent in helping family and self education and learning.  I may have studied and read half the relevant internet, sheesh. I have been studying camping, exercising and all the good habits of self imposed exile in plain sight, he he he.  I start the engines of my shuttlecraft and set sights on the stars. Here are 6 images for you pleasure and amusement.  Viva creative life !!!

  • Ten Minute Leopard Eyes doodle, for fun as an artist.

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    This is one of a hundred daily sketches videos on my Artstation https://www.artstation.com/artist/wildeyedartist 

  • "Harajuku Life"

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    Here is our latest PCB painting, see the link to the left in the links column to follow our new Facebook page, one month old or so.   Harajuku is a philosophy, fashion, and a way of life.  I tried to capture some of this amazing costumed life in this imagery, I provide two versions I am torn between.  I love the lollypop spiral surprise I got in a conversion as we played with the medium.