Austin Dixon

Rockstar Programmer (who dabbles with electronics)

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Things I've Built

Telegraph Key Input Device

I found an old telegraph key at an antique store and wired it to a Teensy. A script on the Teensy sends a series of keystrokes to my computer which executes an AHK script I wrote. It's currently set to open a webpage when pressed.

Cue Sheets for Audio Digitization

As a digitization technologist that works a lot with audio files, I wrote a series of scripts that manipulate audio files using cue sheets. I made the code open-source; for full details here's the write-up on Code{4}Lib: http://journal.code4lib.

Agate Lamp

Color-shifting LED lamp that causes a slice of agate to glow different colors.

Dream Cheeky Message Board Hack

Hacked the Dream Cheeky Message Board (a cheap usb gadget) to scrape news from the web and display the headlines.

LED Clock Lamp

I turned an old kerosene carriage lamp into an LED clock. The clock tells time by glowing different colors (working it's way up the color spectrum and resetting each day) and by blinking the hour.

Bicycle Light Switch

Converted a motorcycle kill switch into a controller for my bicycle lighting system.

Telegraph Key Input Device

I found a vintage brass Telegraph Key at an antique store and wired it to a micro-controller. It sends a series of of keystrokes to my computer, which executes an AHK script . At the moment it opens a new internet window when pressed.

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