• Difference Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductor

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    the basic difference between these two are their doping level, holes, and electrons quantity define their differences.

    Here we will cover all details about these materials. So let get started.

    Difference Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductor

    What is Extrinsic Semiconductor

    • These semiconductors are created if the impurity is added in the intrinsic semiconductors. That is called doped or impurity semiconductor

    • Semiconductors are such material that has conductivity among the conductor and insulator called amorphous solids.
    • The addition of doped or impurity material enhances its electric features and is used in different electronic devices such as transistors and diodes
    • Doping is a technique through which bandgap is regulated through the addition of impurity substances.
    • The addition of other materials to a semiconductor enhances its conductance multiple times the added material called dopants
    • The impurity material added depends on the final semiconductors obtained.
    • A decent extrinsic semiconductor can be created by adding a small amount of impurity.
    • Before adding the impurity make sure that the dopant has the same size to the original atom also dopants not disturb the structure of the original atom

    What is Extrinsic Semiconductor

    Types of Dopants in Extrinsic Semiconductors

    • Doping results to vary the conduction in semiconductors. The component of 4th group of the periodic table such as silicon and germanium known as semiconductors this two materials have tetravalent crystals so used for 2 categories of dopants
    • P-type semiconductor
    • N-type semiconductor

    • A diode is semiconductor device that used in circuits as rectifiers
    • P and N materials combine to make the PN junction
    • These devices are used in FET and BJT.
    • It used as switches
    • Doping does not vary the net neutrality of component
    • Electrons are the majority in N semiconductors and holes in P semiconductors

    What is Intrinsic Semiconductor

    • The semiconductor that are not doped called intrinsic or pure semiconductors. The charger carries is finds through finding the features of material in place of impurity added like extrinsic material

    What is Intrinsic Semiconductor

    • These materials have the same electrons and holes.
    • The conduction of material can be affected through crystallographic causes of technology
    • In this material such as silicon over the temperature value larger than the absolute zero get energy and move from the excitation to the conduction band  that resulting in current
    • When electrons change the band holes is created at their place. Due to external forces applied by the volts electrons and hoes moves in the substances.
    • In case of N material impurity gives additional electrons that enhance the conductivity

    • In case of P-type material dopant generates addition holes also increase the conduction,

    What is Semocinductior Current

    • The current flowing in the intrinsic material is caused by both holes and electron current.
    • Electrons that are released from the conducts in the conduction band can move in the substances.
    • In a result, other electrons come to full the position created by the released electrons
    • This process is known as hole conduction since it is created as if holes are moving in the substance against the direction of electrons.
    • The current flowing these materials is affected by the energy states that has an impact on the quantity of the electrons in the conduction band, SO can say that this current totally relies on the temperature

    That is all about the Difference Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductor. all details has been explained. If you have any further queries ask in comments. Thanks for reading have a nice day.

  • PCB Design with EasyEDA & JLCPCB

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    Hello readers welcome to the new tutorial. Here we will discuss PCB Design with EasyEDA & JLCPCB. PCB is a very basic part of any electronic project so it needed certain demands and precautions for the creation of it and making its design. There are different ways that are used for the creation of the board here I will tell you basic and simple way through EasyEDA PCB design. After that will tell you how you can get the PCB after making design from JLCPCB which is the best PCB supplier in the world.

    JLCPCB and EasyEDA belong to one big group or say they are sister companies. Meanwhile, designers can place their PCB order directly via EasyEDA after getting the design done.. To make the PCB design we will use a simple circuit of the project and make its design on the PCB board. So let get started all steps used for designing the PCB board. Before it you must have idea about JLCPCB from that you will get the board after creating the design. It was Founded in 2006, and JLCPCB has been at the forefront of the PCB industry. With over 15-year continuous innovation and improvement based on customers’ needs, they have been growing fast, and becoming a leading global PCB manufacturer, that provides the rapid production of high-reliability and cost-effective PCBs and creates the best customer experience in the industry. So let get started

    PCB Design with EasyEDA & JLCPCB

    • To design PCB board through EasyEDA and also I am using it to make the design.
    • First of all you have an account on the EasyEDA site for this purpose type EasyEDA in google and visit their site.
    • If you new user of EasyEDA press on the register button shown below

    • When you press on the register button new interface will open here put all details and press sign up button then verification email will you get on your email press on it and activate your account.


    • Move to EasyEDA site then log to your account after that press on EasyEDA designer tab then new projects tab will seen press on it and write the name of your project then save it.

    • new interface will be shown can be seen here

    PCB Design with EasyEDA

    • Before making the project will have some understanding of the EasyEDA software tools and functions.
    • First one is project option where you can see all details of projects that you have made in the software.

    • Next is design manager where we can see details of all components used in our projects and wire used for making connections.

    • Next component library where all components for the project can get to make a circuit diagram. Any project you can create from components get from this library

    • After that know about the menus of software
    • First one is file tab from where you can create new or already made projects. With other features that are listed in the figure

    • Another one is the place tool that has wire, bus and different often used for projects.

    • The design tool will use for the conversion of the schematic to PCB.

    • In below figure the details of objects elected in the circuit can seen.

    • Till now I hope you have get the detail overview of EasyEDA software that will help you to make the design. Now we will draw the circuit of our project that we are using for PCB design. The CIrcuit can be seen here

    pcb circuit

    Project Components

    • The component that we will use in the circuit are listed here
    • capacitor 5 in number
    • TDA2003A
    • Resistances 4 in numbers
    • Speaker as load
    • All values of these components can be seen in the above figure
    • Al these components of circuits are get from the component library can seen in the below figure.

    projects components

    • After that, all components connect according to the project’s circuit diagram and their respective value changes according to requirements.

    PCB Design with EasyEDA & JLCPCB

    • Now move to design tab and press on the convert schematic to PCB new interface will be displayed.

    pcb desing in easyeda

    • In the below figure you can see the PCB tools tab that will used to design the PCB. In the PCB layer window we can hide and unhide any layer also layer can be edit from here

    pcb tool

    • After...
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    Hello, readers welcome to the new post. Here we will discuss HOW TO PLACE FIRST ORDER ON JLCPCB.PCB is a crucial part of any project that you are creating. SO if you are creating your new project you will have to need the best and high-quality products that will be favorable for your project. JLCPCB is the best PCB manufacturer that offered a fully customized PCB board with high-level SMT services to their customers. Since its creation, they had made with relationships to its customers and other service providers. The outcomes give but their users about a certain product, quality of board, and service support is admirable by the JLCPCB.

    Yuan is the CEO of JLCPCB who leads the company and try to give new and optimized products to their customers. They have their own factories with fully automated production lines to provide high quality and consistency. Certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and IPC-6012E. Here we will discuss the details about the first order placing details on JLCPCB. So let get started

    Why to choose JLCPCB

    • Before going to discuss the first order place details. First, discuss factors that will insist you to choose JLCPCB for your projects

    Best Services and Quality Products

    • JLCPCB offers high-quality boards at affordable prices. They are compatible with the god services for different projects to their customers. High-quality products are always preferred by the users. JLCPCB offer the five pcb boards in just two dollars. They try their best to fulfill the user’s demands on a regular basis.

    High-Speed delivery

    • They created the board in just twenty-four hours and delivered to their customers in just two to four days. Over the ninety-eight percent of orders shipped on a given time. They offer reasonable prices in less cost and high-speed services.

    Customer Support

    • Their customers support team helps their customers through email, phone and live chat. The real person to help any time of day.


    • If you are working on a project then you need a high-quality board for your projects for this purpose visit JLCPCB site
    • When you open JLCPCB websiteat  right side will see sign-in option if you have already registered then sign through that button and if you new customers click on start here option to register yourself.

    first order jlcpcb

    • When you press on start here. The new interface will open Create your account here add all your required details like user name email password
    • Or you can use  sign in with Google option to make an account

    create account

    • When you made an account through use of above details sign in to your account through button shown in above figure.
    • When you sign in then press on the order now option to send order for your products. This option can see here
    • Except for from the “order now”, generally you can place orders via click the ” instant quote” button

    order now

    • When you will press on the button Order now new page will open where you can see Add gerber file option where you have to upload gerber file of your projects

    What is Gerber File

    • Gerber file has ASCII vector formate that consists of every physical board layer of PCB board schematic.
    • All details of boards like cooper traces, pads, solder mask vias silkscreen are shown at the Gerber file
    • If you are new to Gerber file must read this post where details of PCB design and creation of Gerber file has explained will help you to get the idea of Gerber file

      PCB Design with EasyEDA & JLCPCB

    • In above figure when you come to this page press on Add gerber file button here you will have to upload your Gerber file.
    • When you press on the Add gerber file button will move to the search option where you have save this file in below figure you can see file that is zip press on it and will upload to the Add Gerber file option easily

    gerber option

    • Gerber file during the uploading and after uploading to the required tab can seen here

    • When you...
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