Athaariq "Eric" Ardhiansyah

a computer geek. Coding since 2013 ☕

Java Island, Indonesia
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This user joined on 03/11/2021.

Things I've Built

Automatic Bedroom Lamp

I'm too lazy to turn off the lamp, so I build the automatic system for that.

Kuda Web Server

The only in-memory, static web server. It helps web server to run as fast as using SSD, even though it's using HDD. Saves a lot of money

My Sister's Thesis

It's basically college administration web app. She knows the algorithm, I know how to make it real.


a Web Framework that works like Android's XML but run on web browser.

Bird Egg Incubator

Fun project with my friend who has a bird farm.

Cashier App

My friend need a cashier app for his coffee shop, so I built one.


Energy efficient (but still accurate) GPS-based Alarm with specialized algorithm. Good for commuting with bus or train.

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