Amitabh Shrivastava

Physicist turned Artist, Engineer, and Inventor.

New York, NY
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Things I've Built

Webers Law and temporal perception

Do you know what is the minimum difference in lengths of two sounds which can be distinguished by most humans? The setup to the right-another one of my early arduino works- aims to find out that very thing. *Spoiler alert* the answer is 14%

Aquarium timer

A simple but effective and cheap timer with relays to regulate upto 8 aquarium heaters and pumps.

Latex for the lazy!

This simple arduino controlled Latex keyboard came in quite handy while writing those last minute reports. The microcontroller interprets the keypresses on the 4x4 keyboard and writes appropriate Latex code as keystrokes to make typing code easy

Steal this bag

This ordinary looking bag packs a real punch. Open the chain without wearing a RFID ring and it sounds an alarm. Slash the conductive thread mesh around the bag, and it sounds an alarm. Yeah, not a good idea to steal this bag.

Goodness of ride datalogger

This bike mounted datalogger records and uploads road conditions such as bumpiness, dust and harsh sunlight; indexed by location.

Wingbeat frequency analyser

What happens when you pass laser light through the wings of a tethered insect and record the light intensity? Well, you can tell whether the insect is flapping it's wings or not, record the time of flight and the wingbeat frequency.

Projectile Launcher for education.. I swear!

The projectile launcher and datalogger came as one of my first arduino projects. The setup is being used at the Talent Development Center, IISc, Challekere to train high school teachers.

RFID door lock

Seen from the outside, it looks like a normal door. But place your RFID card on the sweet spot and the card is detected through the door, granting you access.

Mosquito tracker

The squiggles in the image to the right are the tracks of a mosquito as it flies in a transparent enclosure. 3D tracking is done via a DIY rig consisting of two cameras placed orthogonally, postprocessing is done in MATLAB.

RC car for wildlife photography

Albeit poorly constructed, this little camera car can trudge through some pretty rough terrain and capture the best VGA wildlife photos ever (so, pretty much the worst photos ever, but.. whatever.)

Active IR Profile detector

An array of IR LEDs and detectors makes short work of precisely measuring the silhouette of anything like a car or an elephant(yes elephant) passing in between.

Wind tunnel

I designed and fabricated this low speed wind-tunnel during my third year and it is since being used to study insect flight at the RMB lab in CES, IISc, Bangalore.

Spelling aid for dyslexic kids

Developed during the Intel IoT Roadshow, Bangalore 2016 -where it won the second runners up place; this project is aimed at helping dyslexic kids spell.

Electric Skateboard

Built from scratch, including the deck! More info at <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

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