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Chicago, IL
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Things I've Built

Orihon: 3D Printed Accordion Book

Orihon the world's first entirely 3D printable book. The subject matter for Orihon is derived from 3D scans made of sculptures and reliefs, found at the Art Institute of Chicago, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and so on ....

Infinite Editions: The Great Wave

"Infinite Editions: The Great Wave" The Infinite Edition printer is not like a normal 3D printer. It has been designed specifically to print one file, and one file only. In this fashion it is the antithesis of the normal 3D printer.

Inside / Out

Inside Out is a multi disciplinary installation piece that uses networked IP camera systems and web based platforms to probe our perceptions of visual ambiguity and explore moments of simultaneity experienced by visitors to the gallery.

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