• ESP32-Cam Arduino Flashing Quirks

    07/14/2021 at 19:42 0 comments

    I got some ESP32 cam boards but I forgot about getting the serial communication board. As a replacement I used my arduino to get the serial communication. The firmware flashing worked using espwebtools but not using esptools and platformio/arduino ide

    After a day of testing I figured all the details I needed to change. This is mostly for reference for when I get to flash them again. But may also be helpful for others, specially the platformio settings addition since the tuning of this is never mentioned on online tutorials about this


    Add this setting into the platformio.ini file or from the project home.

    upload_speed = 115200
    monitor_speed = 115200

     Cable Connections:

    Use 3.3v when flashing

    Arduino: GND-Reset
    ESP32: GND-IO0


    Press Reset button on ESP32 board when the serial monitor says "Connecting.....-----....."