• FC3000 mods

    04/25/2021 at 21:09 2 comments

    The FC3000 is a very cheap, but quite decent classic arcade and console emulator device, I recently bought one and  decided to do some improvements to some of its weak points.

    This page will link some HAD projects with instructions to do some hacks to take this console to the next level.

    My FC3000 mods project list

    I will also put links here to other interesting pages with information about this cool device:

    Review by obscurehandhelds including service menu


    • Added headphone jack mod to the list (this is a very nice feature to play without bothering other people).

    Upcomming mods (All completed, I will upload them here as soon as I have time to document them properly):

    • Reverse engineered external controller protocol (done without any other controller, just by trial and error): USB pinout is the same as some older handheld nes famiclones, but protocol is 16 bits with latch reversed (It behaves like 2 74LS165 cascaded).
    • Add diffuser to power/charging leds, very easy, just add some translucent plastic to the hole for the leds.