William D. Ezell

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Things I've Built


Z80 Retrocomputing Developer System. Fixes for my original SBCZ1's problems, inspiration from Grant Searle, the RC2014 project, and some new original ideas. Runs basic tests, am currently coding up a BIOS. May kit it out if enough interest.

SBCZ1 Debug Rig

Built to accompany the SBCZ1 project. A really inefficient way to implement 7-seg displays but I had a box of these PLCC 8255s sitting around so why not?


My first Z80 design circa 1998, and my first endeavor into PCB fab. Made 3 design errors (all correctable). It still runs today, though it's been abandoned because the hard-wired ROM architecture precluded running CP/M.

"Firefly To-Be"

A scratch-built Z80 home design built to make use of this wonderful board I had. Ran at low speeds but some stability issues so eventually mothballed.

The Old TinyBASIC Ciarcia SBC

An old hand-wired SBC I did that's mostly Steve Ciarcia's Circuit Cellar Z8671 SBC.

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