• Photo LEDs

    03/15/2020 at 03:33 0 comments

    This article is based on the circuit design in the following Instructables link:


    The circuit in that article is made from two transistor voltage followers that are driving two pairs of LEDs. However, there is only one variable resistor.

    There are cheaper alternatives to this circuit:



    However, those circuits have limited power output.

    Step 1: Make the Tubs

    I used an old packaging material in the shape of a bath tub and filled it with water. I had a few of those "bath tubs" and created cardboard lights for two of them.

    Step 2: Circuit

    I modified the LEDs circuit to include over voltage protection:

    I also connected one LED for each of the two channels instead of two LEDs per channel so that they could both be ON when the potentiometer is at mid point.

    Step 3: Filming

    I attached my mobile phone to the basket because I had to rotate the potentiometer with both hands and I do not have three arms.

    I also filmed two videos: