Lee Wei Juin

I believe in an open-source community where ideas are shared and innovation come alive. May the source be with you!

United Kingdom
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Things I've Built


is an online dashboard that reflects the real-time radiation level in the area of concern.


is fast and efficient, convenient, aims to become the amazon of package retrieval, include security features like fingerprint authentication and live monitoring to see your package delivery in real-time.

iBeacon - Top 5 for Airbus SSTA HADR Challenge

A website that is customized for rescuers from the ground up to display the GNSS locations of the rescuers with live updates of the rescue plan across different agencies.

Saving Robin - Con X Tech Prize

Capture and release Javan Myna back to their natural habitat using a smart trap that harnesses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology.

foodRESCUE - Voted as Top 5 Projects during Google Computer Science Summer Institute

During project week, we built a web application to help home cooks to find suitable recipes for their leftover ingredients which help to address the sustainable development goal laid out by the United Nations.

Inclusive Running Device

Wireless Light System For Deaf Sports Event during my internship at Embodied Sensing(Singaporean start-up foundered by Yeo Kian Peen)


Shaky, a device that can be attached to objects such as utensils, plates,and cups to monitor tremors. The device can counter the tremors and stabilize the objects.

Project Tip

Came in 2nd runner up under the supervision of Senior Lecturer, Mr Teo Shin Jen during the COGITO Ideation Competition which was held on 13 October 2018. This competition was sponsored by SP Group.

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