I own a company called Hondo Garage. We design and manufacture lots of neat stuff.

Bozeman, Montana
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Things I've Built

Long-Bow: Long Distance Motorized Bicycle

Experiment in what you can make with nothing but a hacksaw, a couple of files, and an oxy-acetylene torch. This is a scratch-built bicycle frame with a 1.3hp 4-stroke engine that I used to tour across the Mojave desert and around Arizona.

Go-Fast Campers

A spinoff of a Hondo Garage project. Basically a lightweight, super-rugged popup camper for trucks. This became a separate company:

Robotic Bedside Manner (Automated Production Line)

We design/build/and use our own machine-tending systems to produce the products at Hondo Garage (as well as for a number of other companies).

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