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Bradley Worley

I'm a chemist, NMR spectroscopist and computer programmer.

Lincoln, Nebraska

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Who I am

I'm a chemistry graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. My work revolves around the use of NMR spectroscopy as a means to probe the biochemical state of cells using multivariate statistical analyses.

My native language is C, but I speak English pretty well too. ;)

Jack of all trades. You get the idea.

Why I'm on

Not gonna lie, I signed up to submit an entry for The Hackaday Prize.

Things i've Built

PyPPM: A Proton Precession Magnetometer for everyone

When was the last time you observed something that was purely quantum-mechanical, without any classical analog? Well partner, that's too long. URL: <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;


fl@C@ wrote a year ago point
Thanks for the follow, can't wait to see your PyPPM project up and running!!

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