Yajie Wang

I shoot, I fight, I hack. I love engineering!

Detroit, Michigan
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This user joined on 04/01/2016.

Things I've Built

Laser cutting signs

I made a sign for the martial arts school I go to with laser cutter and used LED light to illuminate the letter. Photos will come later.

Making cool T-shirt with vinyl

I designed some interesting images and logos and cut the sticker with vinyl cutter and transferred the logo on to clothes. One of the design is for 2016 Penguicon staff T-shirt

LED display board and controller for Battleboat project in 2015 Makerfaire

I made display board with LED strips and controlled by joystick to show the "score" of battleship game. The joystick can also trigger some pneumatic valves to control air flow in order to show an water explosive effect when the boats are sunk.

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