• What to do with a Swollen Battery

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    The Efficiency of Lithium-ion Batteries Comes at an Expense

    There's no doubt that the lithium-ion battery is a well-tested and technique-proven option for electronic devices of today for industrial use as well as consumer electronics. From the massive battery of 4680 which will be used in Tesla EVs to the light, slim, and durable battery pack that you can put in your smartphone or wireless headphones They're everywhere.

    The lithium-ion battery isn't flawless despite its numerous advantages, i.e., high density and long-lasting. As the battery age and the process for creating power can become faulty and result in a ballooning battery. Additionally, improper management and the use of patterns could be contributing factors to the problem.

    What Causes The Battery to Swell?

    The situation that comes with an over-saturated battery is similar to an overcrowded playground, where security methods are not in place. Furthermore, the unrestful particles within the layers of the battery react with the exterior air moisture, leading to the body of the battery becoming swollen. In the end, these causes frequently explain the problem.

    Natural aging. Electrical equipment can last for a long time as well lithium-ion batteries. As time goes by the chemical reaction in the battery will not be as efficient when the battery is created. Additionally, the internal layers don't remain in a proper segregating condition of them. A typical lithium-ion battery should last for two to three years of use.

    A cooling vest has been blocked (happens typically to laptops). If the vent of the cover of the port for filling up with battery is blocked, gas will slowly build up when the charging duration exceeds the recommended time or voltage of charging exceeds the recommended voltage. This will cause pressure inside the battery box and eventually result in a swelling of the battery.

    Insufficient charging. This is the most frequently cited reason for the swelling of the battery. When the charging current for the battery is too high or the charging duration is too long, an excessive amount of gas is generated. Additionally, excessive current or an excessive amount of time to charge can also trigger a rapid rise in the temperature of the electrolyte. This can quickly bloat the battery.

    A discharge that exhausts. Lithium-ion batteries may be bloated due to the discharge depth or defective BMS (battery management system).

    Symptoms of a Swollen Battery

    What can you do to identify a bulging battery? The best way to detect a swollen battery is to look at your device's exterior. For instance, if your laptop is beginning to show unnatural "curves" on the keyboard area. Your phone's aluminum frames loosen up and it isn't able to be placed in a uniform manner on the desk.

    What should I do about My Swollen Battery?

    Is a Swollen Battery Dangerous?

    (an old man scratched and scratched an over-swollen battery, which ignited in a cell phone repair station)

    Yes, absolutely. It is possible to harm the whole device, as the bulges in batteries generate temperatures. Not to mention that the change in shape can break the shell made of the metal container and trigger a short-circuit or even ignite. Additionally, the harmful outcast that is flammable from batteries made of lithium-ion is a threat to your home keeping, pets as well as human life.

    Does it help shrink The Swollen Battery by freezing it?

    No. Putting the battery in the refrigerator won't decrease the oxygen content of the battery, nor does it address the root issue of the lithium-ion defect. In the end, freezing out-paces the temperature range that is portrayed within the battery. So the battery will probably fail in the end.

    How to Safely Remove a Swollen Battery?

    It's always a smart decision to seek out the authorized technical repair station because they're equipped with the full toolset as well as highly trained technicians to address your issue. However, if you do decide to take...

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  • Chip Graffiti: Hilarious Arts of Integrated Circuits

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    What is Chip Art?

    chip art Also known as silicon art chip graffiti or silicon graffiti refers to tiny works of art embedded in integrated circuits (also called a chip or IC).

    Since IC is printed with lithography instead of building parts one at a time and there is no extra cost to add features to additional space within the chips. One of the reasons why designers started employing chip art is to discover the possibility that a manufacturer or designer copied their work.

    Before the passage of the Chip Protection Act in the United States in 1984, several companies were using the term "graffiti" to prevent counterfeit chips. However, often they would also carry "contraband". Designers can create all sorts of artworks on chips, ranging from the basic initials of the designer to complicated designs. Because of the tiny dimensions of the chip the numbers are not visible without an optical microscope.

    In the same period, the design cycle of products began to be cut in half and the digital design automation tools began to become more efficient, and funky designs that had previously been deemed acceptable were taken down. Also, consider the possibility that some graffiti damaged the chip on the embossed designs. Because of these changes, today's chip graffiti creators are testing the authority of technology and authority by tagging their chips with tiny Mona Lisa.

    Chip graffitis is often described as an implementation of an egg that is software-based.

    These Chip Graffiti are Interesting as Heck!

    These records were examined through microscopes at the Strong Magnetic Field Laboratory at the University of Florida, led by Professor Michael Wesley Davidson (Microscopes, who gather all sorts of chips. They use microscopes to study the mysterious symbols that appear on them as if decoding the codes.

    With the silicon graphics, MIPS microprocessor experts discovered that two Egyptian gods appeared to be focused on the mask of the chip that protects.

    The silicon entice was discovered in the dark corner of Hewlett-Packard's FISO (FIFO) memory chip that is used in digital oscilloscopes.

    The unidentified engineer who designed the graffiti also gave her the name "Fi-Fi", and the website has added "la femme" (in our perception, she appears like the figure of a woman)

    Godzilla, the mythical creature first introduced as a character in Japanese film in the year 1954 was found hidden on a tiny cushion within the Silicon Graphics MIPS R10000 microprocessor's circuit.

    This exclusive model of Mickey Mouse was found on the Mostek 5017 clock chip with hands pointing at the 12th and seventh (creating an in-built fixed-time miniature silicon clock)

    A chip designer has told us that miniature versions that are a miniature version of Tux, Linux penguins, are embedded into pad rings of unknown kinds and the functions of integrated circuits.

    This beautiful rendition of Thor Thor, the Nordic god Thor was discovered in the Hewlett-Packard graphics chip.

    The space shuttle was located inside Texas Instruments' Schottky digital bipolar integrated circuit.

    This shark is in the sea on ADI's 21061 SHARC floating-point Digital Signal Processing IC.

    The Pepsi logo was created on the integrated circuit which is part of the Hewlett-Packard CPU. It's probably the smallest advertising logo that has been created to date.

    This is a magnified high-power view of hummingbirds that have been etched onto HP PA-RISC7000 microprocessor wafers. The inscription on the bird says: "this bird is for you".

    It's the Bugs Bunny that was found within the Cambridge Silicon Radio BC417143BQN chip and was regarded as the most loved rabbit on the planet. It is also the most compact rabbit on the planet.

    The chips within Digital Equipment's MicroVax 3000 and 6200 minicomputers transmit messages from the Russian Cyrillic alphabet, a message to technicians from the other end of the Cold War who may try to reverse the engineering of VAX designs...

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  • Fire at ASML Plant Could Worsen the Chip Shortage

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    On the third US Eastern time, Reuters disclosed that a fire erupted in a facility located in Berlin, Germany, owned by Dutch lithography giant AMSL.

    Photolithography Machine Used to Manufacture Semiconductor Chips

    It is a recognized fact that ASML is a provider of production equipment that is used by the top semiconductor chip makers within the industry. With the global shortages of semiconductors over the last two years, major chipmakers are planning to increase capacity. this "responsible" semiconductor manufacturer is increasing the production process of equipment for semiconductors. 

    ASML stated that the place that was the scene of the fire was once part of Berliner Glas, a supplier of ASML. Berliner Glas was acquired by ASML in the year 2020 when the company was generating annual revenues of 220 million euros.

     ASML stated that it would be able to calculate the losses over the coming days, and the final results will be released once the data was compiled.

    In the report by Bloomberg Technology, the ASML shut down the affected section of the plant, while other parts of the facility were still operating. Additionally, analysts are concerned that the incident could further aggravate the worldwide shortage of chips that has led to an increase in demand for semiconductors.

    ASML shares increased by 1 percent prior to the announcement and then closed down 0.7 percent to 701.70 euros on Monday.

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