Time and space is just an concept. What I do is making time concepts into real objects that takes up space

The Netherlands
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Things I've Built


An old cdrom drive, some wood and other scrap material. Put them together and you get this nice looking disk player.

Z-Dyne Shortwave tube radio

My own design of a tube radio

AM crystal radio the old way

Every part of this radio is made with common hand tools.

8" Truss dobson telescope

A truss dobson style telescope with tracking platform. All can be stored in a box with a size of 295 x 255 x 175mm (L x W x H)

All wood compound bow

A wooden bow with cam or compound bow. Even the sight is completly made from wood. details of the sight

Tesla Talisman 308u

An miniature version of a futuristic radio design. How ever this version is capable of much more

Fantasy Inca bow QUETZALCOATL

Designing and building a fantasy bow that actualy can be used.


A tool for archers. This device measures your draw length and how much you need to pull. Based on this it advises different arrows to use with this bow.

BT Speakerset

Bt Speakerset made from all recycled materials.


Vacuum tubes watch with an iris shield


Lathe and CNC digital read out with calipers

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