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  • Hardware Startup Review: Spark

    4 months ago • 0 comments

    Like it or not, a whole new wave of Hardware Startups is coming our way. Crowdfunding campaigns are making it possible for everyone with an idea to "test the waters", tech-savvy Angel investors are eager to help successful ones cross over, and Venture Capitalists are sitting on the other side, always on the lookout for potential additions to their "hardware portfolio". It's these billion-dollar acquisitions that made everyone jump on the bandwagon, and there's no going back. At least for now.

    That's all great, and we want to believe that good things will come out of this whole frenzy. But instead of staying on the sidelines, we thought we should get involved and start asking some hard questions. After all, these guys didn't think they will be able to get away with just some nicely produced videos and a couple of high-res photos, right? 

    For our first issue, we picked a relatively innocent target -, guys behind the Spark Core development board. By embracing Open Source and Open Hardware as the core part of their strategy, Spark has so far been a positive example in the sea of otherwise dull (and potentially creepy) IoT "platforms". So we thought we should give Zach Supalla, CEO of Spark a call...

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  • hackaday #sxsw pwn

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  • SXSW 2014 Hardware Guide

    7 months ago • 0 comments

    South by Southwest 2014 is approaching, bringing along the usual tech-startup-launch frenzy, streets filled with party buses and endless hordes of geeks drinking themselves into oblivion. Although Interactive traditionally draws from software crowds (most of which with hopes of becoming the next Twitter or Foursquare), hardware is getting to be too-big-to-ignore and year after year more and more hardware-related events are starting to pop up. After all, SXSW is about about revolutionary things and new technologies that are shaping our future. And we all know hardware is where it's at.

    So here it is, SXSW2014 guide for the Hardware-minded ... 

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