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1.4k 21 10
802.11 WIFI enabled RGB LED Strips, using the ESP8266 and $4 Psoc 4 dev board.
3.4k 34 28
A fully featured tape emulator for the C64 that loads TAP files from an SD Card and allows the user to interact via an LCD and button panel.
58.6k 1.1k 687
An affordable electronics manufacturing system for hobbyists, students, & small businesses. Inspired by RepRap. Powered by OpenPnP/FirePick.
2 1
3D Printed racing game that you drive with a smartphone and Arduino-compatible
just updated
790 25 16
An highly experimental opensource non-linear 3d printer with a rock bottom bill of materials
9.6k 163 125
Metal parts for people other than blacksmiths. A system to perform aluminium "lost PLA" casting with no propane, and no danger to humans.
42.3k 853 609
Python-powered machine vision modules
18.3k 397 161
Homemade X/Y-Table to mill PCBs and etch materials like leather with a Laser
arduino completed project TheHackadayPrize ongoing project hardware raspberry pi ROBOT led avr wireless
16.9k 348 188
A family of tiny robots, each with their own way of life.
just updated
102 5 2
No, not Electronic Dance Music - It's an Electro-Discharge Machine for PCB prototyping
62.6k 1.1k 481
pcb mill built from garbage using basic hand tools and little money
2 1
Reverse engineering a dental xray head
just updated
123 7 1
This is a PCB design I did to test Altium Designer's capabilities. I haven't tested it so I thought I could share the design.
0 0
A watch with a Teensy 3.1 at it's heart. It's the Open Source, Arduino Compatible development system that you can wear.

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