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1.4k 49 20
QubeCast Max is a high powered radio module for PocketQube Satellites, HAB payloads, or anything that needs a small radio transciever.
390 11 10
An interactive artwork built to help with the goals of rhino conservation and electronics and computer science outreach
26.7k 336 166
Project Bionic Yourself (B10N1C) is a small implant for your arm that makes you a bionic-superhero.
0 0
A connected coffee jug.
0 0
I decided to see if K’nex can be co-opted for science and used them to build a test tube rack.
68.5k 1.1k 551
Fully stand-alone HF (Shortwave) Software Defined Transceiver & Vector Network Analyzer. Designed for rugged portable use. Highly hackable.
just updated
713 7 0
I'll be using three single-board computers and two tablets for wireless controllers.
52.4k 401 201
An open source 3D Printable Raman Spectrometer using a RaspberryPi and easy to find off the shelf components..
ongoing project completed project arduino hardware TheHackadayPrize raspberry pi Software ROBOT led MISC
1 1
A mini amplifier bluethooth I made with reference to a model Marshall
just updated
5 0
An LED strip of white LEDs that can be turned on, dimmed, and turned off with a wave of your hand
74.1k 1.4k 766
An affordable electronics manufacturing system for hobbyists, students, & small businesses. Inspired by RepRap. Powered by OpenPnP/FirePick.
29.3k 209 126
53.9k 1.1k 671
Python-powered machine vision modules
just updated
284 13 8
A large hexapod using a frame from ebay, HXT12K servos from HobbyKing and a Parallax Propeller as the controller.

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