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Adam Fabio

Hackaday Community Editor

Long Island, New York

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Who I am

Hackaday Community Editor, Contributor. Embedded systems software and hardware engineer by day, Jack of all trades by night.

Why I'm on Projects

I'm here to finally document some of the projects I've been working on. I'm also here to browse and see the awesome all of you have been creating in your own workshops.

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Analog CPU Gauge

by Adam Fabio

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The Hackaday Drone Testbed

by Adam Fabio

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Chromecast pictureframe

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2014 DEFCON Hat

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WW2 Spitfire Foamie

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RC Rocket Boat

by movax


K.C. Lee wrote 10 days ago null point

Your previous comment on my project page: Don't forget to upload some pics of the actual board when you get it (I'd love to see before and after you build them up)

blank PCB:
partially finished PCB after day 1:
pictures of finished PCB (on day 2) is under

I am finally at that stage! PCB passes basic hardware sanity.


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Adam Fabio wrote 10 days ago null point

Awesome job! The boards look great!

Are you sure? [yes] / [no]

Walltech wrote 2 months ago null point

Thanks for the skull on my Smart Watch, really appreciate it!

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Bradley Worley wrote 2 months ago null point

Thanks for the skull on my PyPPM Adam!

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