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Hackaday Projects Community Manager - Costume maker, Burner, Brit.

Pasadena, California

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Who I am

If you have feedback for the site, please leave it on the feedback project. That way the team can see and act quickly:
As of April 2014, I am Hackaday Projects Community Manager. Get in touch with me if you have any questions or need help.

Before moving to sunny SoCal from the UK, I managed the V&A Museum Exhibitions websites and the British Red Cross Online Shop. In 2012 I also completed a diploma in Theatrical Costume Making.

Why I'm on Projects

I love being around people who make things, reuse and re-purpose items. Projects allows me to see what people are up to, and will let me collaborate and document.

My Projects
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Project Owner Contributor

Glow Jacket

by Jasmine

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Project Owner Contributor

Crunchy Crafters

by Jasmine

Projects I contribute to
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by Ben Delarre

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Project Owner Contributor

Hackaday Projects

by Mike Szczys

Things i've Built

Cycle Powered Cinema

In 2007 we helped take the Cycle Powered Cinema to the Big Chill festival (UK) and other events. 10 volunteers pedal to power the projector and sound system.

Polar Bear Coat

Sewn on Playa for Burning Man 2004. Includes parachute lining and EL wire in hood. I bought the long pile faux fur after seeing similar (non-glowing) coats on SF's Haight Street selling for $$$. This coat has kept me warm year after year.


Illuminatrix is a one meter square LED matrix that has been shown at BurningMan festivals and other events in 2010. See for more info and to create animations in the web based editor.

The Diodome

An interactive light installation originally conceived for Burning Man 2013. 300+ individually controlled LEDs, a beautiful cover over an 18ft geodesic dome creates an interactive 3D surface of light.

Projects I Like & Follow
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Hackaday Cherry MX Keycaps

by Benchoff

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by Afrdt

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Project Owner Contributor

Articulated torso with arms

by Kenji Larsen

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Project Owner Contributor

Circuit Knitting

by Jesse Seay

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Timelapse rig

by Swisswilson

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Project Owner Contributor

neighborhood watch

by Chris

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LED Gems

by Dean Gouramanis

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Project Owner Contributor

Old speaker turned UV box

by Edward Borg


Kenji Larsen wrote 14 days ago null point

Thanks for the skull and the follow! And thanks for all your hard work on!

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Jasmine wrote 14 days ago null point

Thank you very much Kenji.

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fl@C@ wrote a month ago null point

Hi Jasmine, I just wanted to say thanks to you and everyone for this opportunity!! I am very excited to be a part of it!

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Jasmine wrote a month ago null point

We are really excited that you are part of it, otherwise we wouldn't have featured you on Keep up the good work.

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Hari Wiguna wrote 2 months ago null point

Jasmine, I wanted to thank you for your efforts in making even better. However, I did not see a reply button on your post. :-( So I clicked your name and say thanks here. :-)

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Jasmine wrote 2 months ago null point

Hello Hari. Thanks for the thanks. It's lovely to hear. We're glad you found us and are really happy to see your projects.

Regarding reply - We need to put the reply under all comments, but for the time being you can use the reply under the original message (in this case your original message). We will fix this soon.

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ben.phenoptix wrote 2 months ago null point

Thanks for the comment on the MeArm! Was able to add it to the contest ok. Just need to make it connected now...
The Science Museum was great and the Antenna Team looked after me well. Don't know how much cross pollination there was between the V&A and science museum but it must have been great to work in that area. That said not sure I'd ever get anything done with so much amazing stuff within so little space with the Science Museum, V&A and Natural History so close together!

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Jasmine wrote 2 months ago null point

No worries. Glad you got MeArm in. Yes, emphasise the connectedness of it.
Yep, lunchtimes were great, and work hours weren't too bad either. It is lovely to see behind the scenes at those places. Good luck with everything.

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Hackaday wrote 5 months ago null point / 6PM tomorrow at The Blind Donkey

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