******LATEST NEWS********

1 September 2014: I have entered the Boca Bearing inventor competition with my turbine bike, first prize is 5000USD which would make a welcome addition to my project budget.

I would really appreciate if you took your time to vote, I promise to upload a video of a gas turbine motorcycle burnout if I win! :)



30 August 2014: I did a static test run of the gas producer with a jet pipe attached instead of the power turbine, the goal was to log everything that is happening in the engine and possibly find out what the perfect nozzle guide vane area for the power turbine is.

I have a couple of friends who are very experienced, they have the data now and we are just about to start discussing what course of action I will take next. Stay tuned!


24 July 2014: I rode the bike for the first time! Temps are still a bit high but not overly so so I decided to throw a leg over the bike and see if she would move. I ran at high idle with only a couple of twitches on the throttle enough to raise the boost pressure to 1.5 bar (3 bar is full throttle) and it still pulled like a train.

I will try a couple of more things to get the temps down later, but now it is vacation time. Cheers! :)


14 July 2014: I started the bike yesterday! Ran a tad hot but other than that everything went perfect, I need to open up the power turbine NGV area a bit to get the temps down 150°C or so before I can do a road test.


The engine is based on a Garrett TV94 compressor and turbine, I use the standard bearings and have hand built the engine around these parts, a Rolls Royce Allison C20 4th stage turbine wheel harness the thrust coming out of the engine and turns it into shaft torque through an industrial ATEK gearbox fitted with ceramic bearings to survive the load.

I post a couple of updates every week at the JATO (jet and turbine owners) community, I don´t even know where to start if I would try to back track this build here so if you are interested you are in for 115 and counting pages of build thread to dig through!