• Laptop case, sneak preview

    4 months ago • 0 comments

    Well, there was no progress for a few weeks, but recently I got into it again. I had nice few evenings with FreeCad (I'm total beginner in 3D modelling) and designed first revision of a case. It looks like this

    Kind of classical, laptop-like case. Total size is 22x9x2,7cm when closed.

    Unfortunately, it is two centimeters bigger in size than printable area of my 3D printer and I can't make it much smaller due to keyboard size. Time to get bigger 3D printer! :-)

    I'll publish design files on Monday morning.

  • New keyboards

    5 months ago • 0 comments

    Though I'm quite busy with my sc-fi contest project, I'm doing this small log.

    I got my hands on a few of those sweet vintage keyboards. This is product of former Czecho-Slovakian company named Tesla, I believe it is as old as I am, approximately. I have a few dozens of them, with option to have more. I'm going to base my new BSD laptop on this keyboard.

    There are two color variations. I have lots of the red variant, only two pieces of orange variant.