Industrial Designer with some perfectionistic tendencies..and an ancient sence of humor

Reykjavík, Iceland
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Things I've Built


A device for wrapping transport pallets in film. The device incorporates a push-cart which uses an electric motor to raise the film roll, and a handheld device, for those hard-to-reach pallets.

Summer cabin

Visualisation of a small sommer cabin. Built to a standard container measurements, this small building is very easy to transport.

Nut Dispenser

A vaccum-formed packaging concept, with a re-closeable dispensing lid. Developed in co-operation with DNG in the Netherlands.


A 48 foot luxury yacht. Too be launched this summer.


A small catamaran boat, especially developed for Greenland and the harsh environment of the North-Atlantic.

Viðar Furniture line

A complete line of childrens furniture, made exclusively from plywood. By watercutting the plywood with great care, the cut is splinter-free and the pieces fit together in ultra-precise joints.

Fold-up Packaging

A simple cardboard box that holds 6 kg of fresh (and wet!) fish. Able to stack on a pallet and withstand the pressure of 12 layers of 12 boxes. Increases the volume carrying capacity of a standard container by at least 45%!

CityCat Rental Bike

A user-friendly but very sturdy bike, to rent while exploring any major inner city. Rent it with the use of your phone or creditcard. Drop it off at any time and any where in a purpose built automated bikestand.

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