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1.2k 14 7
Distribute power to all the things running on an Emax 250 quad copter
822 32 10
Cheap and simple tabletop quadruped robot controlled with Python.
1 0
A very simple and practical way of ending world hunger, using the most abundant source to tackle worlds biggest problem
0 1
A patent pending, Full length smart mirror featuring a 3D design, able to remotely capture confidence inspiring self and group portraits
62.6k 599 131
Integration of cheap wireless Arduino sensor nodes with a awesome home automation platform called OpenHAB. Plus doll house replica.
24.4k 548 234
A family of tiny robots, each with their own way of life.
just updated
402 4 1
Seamlessly pull content from various sensors into a decentralized multiuser 3D internet via JanusVR and create cool social VR experiences.
just updated
663 29 14
A computer keyboard based ABC and spelling toy for my 2 year old.
ongoing project hardware completed project arduino TheHackadayPrize Software raspberry pi 2015HackadayPrize MISC ROBOT
62.2k 1.2k 708
Python-powered machine vision modules
1 0
66.3k 1.5k 566
Intelligent home automation hardware and software on a budget which utilizes a full home personal digital assistant and electricity savings
78k 1.2k 572
Fully stand-alone HF (Shortwave) Software Defined Transceiver & Vector Network Analyzer. Designed for rugged portable use. Highly hackable.
86.2k 1.5k 805
An affordable electronics manufacturing system for hobbyists, students, & small businesses. Inspired by RepRap. Powered by OpenPnP/FirePick.
just updated
576 12 3
A open source tool that aids in the learning of the sky map in amateur astronomy.

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