Hacker, coder, and all around weirdly creative person. From websites to arduinos, I dabble in everything!

Edmonton, Alberta
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This user joined on 10/25/2014.

Things I've Built

SteamPunk IronMan armor

A quick build of Iron Man Armor. Steampunky!

LED gloves

Gloves. With LEDs. I might have a problem.

The frankenPod

I bought an ipod nano with a broken power button. So I fixed it.

The Hat of Personality

A derby with LED eyes, and animated eyebrows. Video:

LED Tie V.2

An overabundance of LEDS - 201!

LED Tie V.1

A 16-LED tie, based on the Adafruit one.

DeadMau5 Helmet and VuMeter jacket

A reasonably accurate DeadMau5 helmet, based on the dimensions he released. Also a dress jacket with a VuMeter

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