Michael A. Morris

Engineer with 30+ years of experience with electronics and embedded systems. Entrepreneur: founder/owner of two ongoing electronics firms.

Huntsville, Alabama
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Things I've Built

M65C02/M16C5x FPGA Development Board

Board for testing and proving out the M65C02 and M16C5x soft-core processors. Both soft-core processors successfully tested on this board. Data transfer rates exceed 921.6 kbps. (Chameleon board based on this design.)

Miniature Data Acquisition System (MDAS)

MDAS is a battery operated telemetry data recorder for the Javelin anti-tank missile packaged in standard pelican case. Based PC/104 embedded processor and PCMCIA boards and custom FPGA-based optically isolated interface.

Multi-purpose Print Head Controller

ISAbus controller for industrial ink-jet print heads. Am186ES sub-system (running ROMDOS) performs the image transformations and the FPGA provides ISAbus interface and print head interface. Replaces ASIC-based ISAbus card.

Radio Network Interface Controller (RNIC)

Prototype FPGA-based multi-channel digital interface controller for SINCGARS radios. Base card uses an AM186ES microcontroller using Datalight ROMDOS 6.22. SpartanXL FPGAs provide the interface the SINCGARS radio digital data ports.

TV Guardian - Foul Language Filter

Implemented a foul language filter for closed captioned VCR systems using a PIC processor and SEEPROM (dictionary). Board in upper left is the final product; marketed through Wal-Mart in US. Final product version firmware IP for DVD players.

4f Optical Processor Electronics

4f optical processor electronics using a 1024x1024 1000fps digital camera and 320x240 LCD display. Implemented designs using FPGAs for input, correlation, and output plane processing and serial LVDS control of camera and LCDs. (2001)

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