• Fixed some issues

    14 days ago • 0 comments

    I just solved the scattered light problem. Now i am working on a new protocol. I will switch to gcode. So it will be possible to use an existing host software . (e.g. pronterface). 

    Next week i will start to make the PCB Exposing (laminator like) attachment.

  • Open Exposer at the second German Maker Faire in Hannover

    23 days ago • 0 comments

    I am back from Hannover Maker Faire. Time to proceed  with the project. Thank you to all visitors of my booth.

  • Copper plate as build platform

    a month ago • 0 comments

    The copper plate seems to work good. I am fighting with some scattered light. I don't know where it comes from. The first build of the Exposer Box doesn't have problems with scattered light. I changed the laser position last week, maybe i have to rework or calibrate the laser mount. I will find out tomorrow how to fix it, because there are many things to prepare for the Hannover Makerfaire.