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The Walltech OLED BTLE Smart Watch v6.0

A first in the open source community. A bluetooth low-energy capable, fitness-tracking smart watch with 1.5" color OLED and sd card slot.

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This project was created on 06/04/2014 and last updated 12 days ago.

The time has come for me to combine all the knowledge I’ve gained through my watch prototypes and create the ultimate watch. The Walltech Smart watch. I’ve finished planning the design, the PCB is complete, and it’s set to be finished by the end of the summer of my sophomore year in high school. Sporting a beautiful 1.5" full color OLED display with sd card slot, bluetooth 4.0 low energy capability for receiving phone notifications, email, calls, texts, and maybe even music, we shall see how far I can take it. Ever wanted a smartwatch that you could customize to the core? Build yourself? And trust is fully open source? Look no further, from the experience I've gained building my previous generation OLED watch, I am fully ready to embark and have already ventured out on the journey that is creating my own smart watch.

MAKE MAGAZINE - The Open-Source Smartwatch Built by a Teenager:

The full writeup for the original OLED watch I built and an in-depth description and pictures of the various parts going into this build can be found using the links to the lower left.


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  • 1 × IMUduinoBTLE The latest from Femtoduino, the IMUduinoBTLE uses an atmega32u4 from Atmel bootloaded as an Arduino Leonardo and a Nordic nRF8001 bluetooth 4.0 low energy chip and support components to connect to compliant devices and receive notifications for the watch. It’s tiny size and low power consumption make it perfect for use in this new watch. Now with an on board IMU, the IMUduinoBTLE has 10 DOF and a high precision barometer on board, enabling complex motion and the precise altitude to be incorporated by the user!
  • 1 × 1.5″ full color OLED display with onboard microSD card slot from Mike Rankin A step up from the monochrome .96″ OLED display of v4.2, this screen also consumes very little power thanks to the OLED technology behind it and can show beautiful images that will be the GUI for the smart watch. Now that there’s an sd card on board, I can use fancy graphics and make it look professional and keep the code to the microcontroller, enabling more to be coded instead of storing images too.
  • 1 × 3D Pedometer Module from Nicerf This tiny, tiny module will connect to the watch’s I2C lines as the DS1307 does, and counts steps using a tiny accelerometer and buffer memory. It’ll be used to add fitness tracking capability to the watch and in conjunction with the phone app, keep track of calories burned and activity levels! Oh, and did I say this thing was tiny?
  • 1 × DS1307 RTC A trusty real time clock, forms the backbone of the timekeeping functionality a watch is useful for.
  • 1 × MCP73831 Charge Controller Charges the battery and provides charge status information.
  • 1 × 500mAh Lithium Polymer Battery The battery that powers the watch. With how things are looking, an 18-24 hour battery life is to be expected.
  • 1 × Flickable Side-Mounted Selector Switch
  • 1 × Vibration Motor for notifications

Project logs

    13 days ago • 0 comments

    A fantastic article about the smart watch project, the previous OLED watch, and my story as a Maker, was written for Make: by Nathan Hurst after an interview I gave last week. I'm amazed at how it turned out, and you can check it out for yourself here! 

    The Open-Source Smartwatch Built by a Teenager:

  • Walltech Connect App

    19 days ago • 0 comments

    I've started work on the pairing and host app for the smart watch, and at this stage, it scans for bluetooth devices, connects, and display's the device data. I tested it on an old femtoduinoBLE which doesn't support the UART this project needs from the new IMUduinoBTLE, but it let me test the functionality of the app. My first stab at android development is looking good so far!


    19 days ago • 0 comments

    Revision  1 of the IMUduino BTLE works flawlessly! I'll be receiving one of the first hot out from the hot air gun on Tuesday and then I can get to assembling the smart watch! I'm so excited!

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shraavan97 wrote a month ago null point

I am really impressed with your project! Are planning to add a touchscreen to your watch?

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Walltech wrote a month ago null point

Hello! Thanks for the interest! At the moment, no, I'm not planning to add a touch screen as I haven't worked with one before and so it wasn't a part of the design process. The 3 way switch is spring loaded, tactile, and feels good to casually flick up and down, and is in the perfect position on the watch to place your thumb on the left side, your middle finger in the middle of the switch's side, and actuate the switch with your index finger. Add a flowing UI and the switch should be more than enough and as simple as a touch screen to use. I have thought about it, but I'm not quite sure if they're made to my size or how to support them with arduino in hardware or software. Thanks for your question!

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Walltech wrote 15 days ago null point

As now that the watch has such an incredibly accurate 9 DOF IMU, I scan detect taps on the screen with the accelerometer and use the spring switch to swipe up and down. You could tap on the sides of the watch to navigate that way too. Tilting to scroll when the watch is awake, anything really. You could hold a magnet and use it as a stylus with the magnetometer, there are an incredible amount of features I can make use of, and you can too with the open source code!

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Jasmine wrote a month ago null point

You should still submit it asap as community voting starts soon. It doesn't have to be finished at this point. We want to see the evolution through the project logs. Hope you have a great time on your holiday.

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Walltech wrote a month ago null point

I'm looking for a way I can print and scan the form where I am. I would hate to miss out on entering before voting starts.

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Jasmine wrote a month ago null point

Hello Walltech, I'm really impressed with your project. Can't wait to see it develop over the summer.

btw - we've updated the submission process for The Hackaday Prize, so if you want to *officially* enter this project - login and use the 'submit to' under your project images on the left hand side.

Also, we're starting community judging shortly, so now is the time to make sure you've added info to the project so people can see why you should win The Hackaday Prize. You might also like to add a few more details to your profile page, so we can get to know you better.

Got any questions? Give me a shout. Good luck

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[this comment has been deleted]

Walltech wrote a month ago -1 point

Thanks for your interest! I won't have access to a printer/scanner for two more weeks as I'm on vacation, and as soon as I get back, I'll be officially entering the contest with the form. I'll be sure to apply your advice to the project page too! Thanks!

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