Michael Meligan

I am nobody important, pay no attention to me. I am short, fat, ugly and my mother dresses me funny.

Heppner, Or
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Things I've Built

Custom High Performance Reprap 3D Printer all Steel Welded Frame

Highly improved and stable steel frame for the Reprap Prusa Mendle 3D Printer which eliminates 30% of the parts and half the labor to build a Reprap 3D Printer. Also enable the printer to double as a 3D carving/machining.

Airbrush Paint EZ cleanup strainer

allows for an easy way to filter and capture airbrush paints prior to spraying and for rapid cleanup of paints in the mesh so it does not dry and ruin the strainer.

Airbrush Cleaning system

recirculates water to keep a steady flow of fluid to wash out water based paints unattended

Gravity Feed Airbrush multi color airbrush paint delivery system

see project title

Breeze Mill

High Torque WIND turbine that works at very low wind currents or breezes and produces large amounts of electrical output.

Oxy-Ecet Dolly

for holding tanks and hoses

Bio-Diesel Processing Unit

Oil heating tank and various mixing tanks, Methyl-Alcohol Distiller

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