Greg Leyh

Principal Engineer for Lightning On Demand
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This user joined on 03/24/2021.

Things I've Built

The Roadster

The world's first *actual* Tesla Roadster! It's a 3-wheeled vehicle, powered wirelessly as per Tesla's original patent. Here's a video of the Roadster in operation:

The 1:3 Scale, 40ft Tesla Tower

An engineering prototype for the full scale 120ft LOD towers, which will produce fields large enough for Relativistic Breakdown studies of natural lightning. Here's a test vid:

Lorentz Gun

The Lorentz Gun can direct a 25,000 Ampere plasma channel through the air along a straight trajectory, at grounded targets up to 35 ft downrange. The Marx-configured capacitor bank automatically fires and erects the bank to 110,000 volts.

The Electrum Project

Art sculpture, in collaboration with Eric Orr. The work stands 38 feet tall and is essentially a column with a sphere on the top. Concealed within the sculpture is a 130,000 watt Tesla Coil.

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