Class 3: 1-Wire

A course class for Embedded Serial Buses

HackadayU course all about serial buses! Part 1 includes I2C and 1-Wire.

AlexanderAlexander 09/30/2020 at 12:510 Comments

Class 3 video: 

In this video, we examine 1-Wire from start to finish. It's a very simple protocol, and it shares many features with I2C. We look at the hardware, protocol and software levels in this week's video. We look at an example implementation via bit-banging of GPIO, and communication with a DS2401 Silicon Serial Number. Similarities and differences from I2C are examined. Again, examples are created on the MSP430F5529.

Example code is available at the git repo as well. Adapting this code to other 1-Wire devices should be quite trivial.